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Hartford Magazine Feb 2013 page 94

“We’ve all been there—in the car on the way to the airport, suddenly struck with the certainty that we’ve forgotten to turn off the stove, close the fridge or shut the front door. Joel Gengras and Helen Lovas don’t want you weighed down with worry while you’re on vacation, so they’ve made it their business—literally—to stay on top of things for you at home while you’re away.”

Hartford Magazine, February 2013
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“We have used Mind Your Manor several times with great success. They did a great job watching the house, watering the plants and picking up milk and juice for our return home. We travel a lot and feel totally comfortable knowing Mind Your Manor is watching our house.”

S & D, Hartford, CT


“I don’t even want to think about the damage our basement would have suffered if it weren’t for Mind Your Manor. When they spotted a small leak during one of their inspections, they called us right away and made sure our plumber fixed it that afternoon! I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

C & T, West Hartford, CT


“With Mind Your Manor, I don’t have to worry whether the neighbors are keeping an eye on our house (or worst of all looking in our closets!) – I know it is in good hands. Even better, coming home to a freshly cleaned house and a stocked fridge after a long trip is just wonderful!”

M, Bloomfield, CT


“Joel at Mind Your Manor has been great. Now we don’t think about our house while we are away, and it’s great coming home to a clean kitchen. They even left us freshly baked beef pies and a bottle of wine so we didn’t have to make dinner!”

J & D, Hartford, CT