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Who is watching your property?

Leaving your home should be stress free.
No matter how long you’re gone.

Relax while you are away, knowing your home is safely in the hands of responsible professionals. No longer worry about a leaky pipe causing water damage, the temperature in your home being too low or too high, or whether your home is safe and secure. That’s our job.

Scheduled On-Site Services

  • Regular daily or weekly visits to ensure security, maintain your home and prepare it for your return
  • Emailed weekly reports to update you, and an “on call” contact person for questions or concerns
  • Extra visit after extreme weather included!

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Schedule or oversee contracted services
  • Supervise and manage maintenance and service vendors such as snow removal, yard service, tree or shrub maintenance, fence repair and animal infestation checks.

Peace of Mind Package

$50 per week for our 25-point interior and exterior inspection. Includes free of charge additional visit after extreme weather.
20% discount for Condos.


  • Check perimeter for property or tree damage
  • Check for signs of forced entry
  • Remove any mail, packages, flyers or newspapers from outside
  • Inspect gutters and check for drainage issues
  • Ensure security lights are in working order
  • Ensure all exterior doors and windows are locked
  • Ensure pool, lawn care and landscaping are being performed
  • Inspect for snow plow service completion
  • Extra visit to home after extreme weather


  • Check air conditioning, heating and other utilities operational
  • Check & update thermostats and settings
  • Inspect breaker box
  • Ensure smoke detectors are functioning
  • Replace smoke detector batteries if beeping
  • Check for any interior signs of water leaks
  • Check for basement flooding
  • Check refrigerator / freezer is running
  • Change any room lighting as per owner request
  • Open / close blinds or draperies
  • Ensure cleaning services are being performed
  • Check home for condition and cleanliness after any authorized visitors
  • Flush toilets, run showers and taps [unless otherwise requested]
  • Water indoor plants
  • Feed fish [by request]
  • Inspect interior for signs of pests / rodents

Estate Services

Contact us for pricing regarding customized services and large properties/estates [greater than 3,500 square feet or two acres].

Concierge Services

In addition to all services provided under the Peace of Mind Package, we work with you to address any specific needs. Examples include:
  • Contact your vendor of preference & coordinate repairs or maintenance
  • Monitor your regular service providers, including snow removal, yard service, tree and shrub maintenance, fence repair and animal infestation checks
  • Contact insurance company if any damage occurs [upon request]
  • Provide access to authorized visitors, including being present while they are in your home
  • Forward mail or packages. Mail bills or cards at certain times
  • Move car / start automobile
  • Checking & changing heating / cooling air filters
  • Take out trash / collect trash bins from street
  • Prepare home for guests or residents
  • Arrange for housekeeping services to close or open the home
  • Stock fridge or pantry prior to return

Don’t see a specific service listed? Just ask!

Pet Services

Contact us for details regarding our pet sitting solutions.

Holiday Rates

Days considered holidays by Mind Your Manor, Inc., are:
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and are nontransferable.